Heats Story

Heats Fitness offers a wide range of well-designed fitness products at affordable prices allowing as many people as possible to lead a fitter life

Heats Fitness is a brand owned by Khater Sports, the leading sports solution provider in Egypt with over 30 years of experience. Khater Sports was established in 1987 specializing in different sectors of the sports industry. The company started by trading sporting goods with a focus on customer satisfaction and later entered the sports facility construction sector by delivering high-end EPC projects in Egypt including some of the largest stadiums, sporting clubs and other facilities in every governorate in Egypt. 

With a deep understanding of the sports and fitness consumer needs, Khater Sports found that there was a gap in the home-use fitness market. With a surging youth population, and an increase in health awareness, the demand for home-use fitness equipment increased while the products offered were either too expensive or lacked quality. Khater Sports created Heats Fitness to fill that gap by providing fitness products at prices that enable the masses to enjoy working out from home.